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F Audio Dark Sky

F Audio Dark Sky

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FAudio Dark Sky new generation flagship dynamic headset

In 2021, when time flies, summer will usher in a blink of an eye. After a long time, we (that is, "FAudio") can announce to you that FAudio's new flagship single-action headset Dark Sky is officially launched. Since the news of new products, we have been focusing on improving the details of the entire product. However, the relationship between the epidemic has caused serious delays in all aspects of the supply chain. Until today, we can finally design and design the products that have been buried in the most perfect Way to show up.

Since 2018, Major has experienced the impact of a new wave of different new headphones, but it is still a peculiar existence in this price band, and may even have the best sales record in the global 10,000-yuan single-moving-coil earphone category. This indirectly allows us to gain a large customer base and also helps us grasp more detailed user opinions. We have been thinking about how to perfect this legendary product, continue and create new successor headphones, to achieve new products that are expected regardless of sound quality and appearance.

At the same time, in the past few years, we have also noticed that the needs and requirements of portable audio from universal users around the world have also greatly increased. In this trend, we have chosen a different direction from other brands. You should remember that in our live broadcast last year, we promised that FAudio will continue to take care of your pursuit of the ultimate sound. After the completion of Project Y, the iconic pair of headphones, this idea has continued to promote our pursuit of ultimate sound and product creativity and ideas.

Whether it is in the music world or in the portable audio world, we have been adapting, seeking ways out, and then breaking through, looking for new directions in our lives amidst difficulties. This pair of headphones looks very familiar, but once you listen to it, you will find that it has a leap forward. It is the best representative of the new generation.

We are proud to announce to you the new generation of FAudio's sound. It is Dark Sky. It is also the result of the ultimate sound that we are obsessed with for single-moving headphones and all our explorations.

●Unit structure●

As FAudio's top work, we have worked hard on the internal and external structures and units of Dark Sky. Dark Sky uses a 10.2mm double-layer diaphragm dynamic unit newly designed by FAudio, and in our repeated tests and comparisons, we finally use Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) material and fiber material as the unit. Shock film.

Diamond-like DLC is an amorphous carbon material. Many of its material properties are similar to diamonds, such as high hardness, wear resistance, and low friction coefficient, so it is called diamond-like. This material can be extremely hard, extremely thin, and lightweight under a mature process. Its mechanical properties have the advantage of fidelity reduction compared with other carbon materials. It is very suitable for use as a shock film plating body and can effectively strengthen the unit. Audio recovery capability.

Because the two materials have their vibration characteristics and swing amplitude, which are more obvious differences compared to the previous generation unit, the front and rear chambers used in the internal frame of this unit use metal structures to provide a strong diaphragm. Stable output environment, which is especially important in Dark Sky's double-layer diaphragm design. In addition, the internal magnetic circuit system has also been upgraded to meet the higher requirements of the DLC diaphragm; this is also the Dark Sky can be compared with most headsets that use DLC diaphragms, and the mid- to high-frequency sound is more textured and extremely stable. s reason.

On top of this, we have also added a reliable fiber diaphragm that has made achievements in Major to reinforce the texture of the mid-bass. After the Dark Sky magnetic circuit is strengthened and the more refined and thin diaphragm is improved, you can listen. To the peak enjoyment of quality and hearing.

●Patented technology●

The patented technology of Triple Built-in Acoustic Chamber (T.B.A.C) has many advantages and is one of the patented technologies that we are most proud of. It eliminates the instability of the traditional moving coil frequency response and the excessive airflow generated when sound is produced, bringing more possibilities to our tuning method.

Airflow is the factor that most affects the sound quality of the moving coil unit, so we have already dealt with this problem in the early development of Major. In the end, under constant experimentation, we designed the T.B.A.C acoustic solution to adjust the air flow with different chamber volumes and spaces to solve the various problems of traditional moving coil units. On Dark Sky, we also tailor-made a special T.B.A.C acoustic room structure for this new unit, adjusted the volume and shape of the acoustic room more suitable for the new unit, and fully utilized the maximum potential of the DLC diaphragm.

Chamber 1.
It provides an endless stream of air for the unit, enhances the transmission efficiency of mid to high pitch, and at the same time makes the newly designed fiber diaphragm more distinct.
Cavity 2.
Strengthen the overall rigidity of the unit, reduce the unnatural jitter when the unit is working, and greatly reduce the distortion.
Cavity 3.
Release the air pressure in the ear canal while stabilizing the airflow, bringing a clearer sound texture and greatly improving wearing comfort.

Dark Sky’s acoustic room structure strengthens the transmission of the mid-to-high audio range more than Major. We also uphold the fine tradition of the brand's dynamic series-purely using acoustics and unit structures as tuning methods to ensure the most direct signal transmission.

●Wire ●

The breakthrough is not limited to the unit design, the original wire we used on Dark Sky also adopted a brand new production process. The wire mainly uses high-purity silver and silver alloy wire cores, and adds a gold-silver alloy conductor made by a new process; the outer layer of the wire core uses a higher density material such as Ultra Soft PVC, which adds an extra layer of protection to the conductor , To prevent oxidation, make the wire more durable, while keeping the wire body soft and easy to store.

In the design of the conductor, we took the lead in applying the immersion gold process as the outer layer material of the silver alloy, which is different from the traditional gold-plated wire produced by the electroplating process. The crystal structure of the former is more dense in contrast and can be closely attached to unevenness. Above the conductor layer and fill the gaps in the grain boundary, thereby more effectively assisting signal transmission. In addition, the immersion gold layer is generally thicker than the gold-plated layer, and the signal transmission space of the outer layer is wider. Its internal resistance is also lower than that of the electroplated gold-plated wire. It can reflect better speed and extensibility in the sense of hearing, and it has both traditional gold-plating. The beautiful bottom rhyme of the line is also the biggest improvement in the sound of Shenjin craftsmanship.

Dark Sky’s original cable is a 4-core design, using the same highly recognizable transparent blue outer skin as the headset, and the core structure is faintly presented in front of the eyes. Inside each core, there are 7 core groups wound with a specific ratio and multiple twists. Winding through the preset ratio, the sound of the three sets of materials is perfectly blended; this production method can more effectively increase the surface area of ​​the conductor, enhance its transmission space, and make the transmission speed of the signal more consistent between the inner and outer layers of the core. In order to pursue a more perfect sound quality, the internal unit also uses the same wire connection to make the sound performance of the headset more consistent.

This cable is equipped with a 2.5mm connector as standard, and we will include a newly designed 3.5mm and 4.4mm adapter plug with the package. With different configurations of the user, the appearance, sound, and matching are all created. More convenient and flexible experience.

●Shell and appearance●

The design theme of Dark Sky comes from our infinite pursuit of sound quality. In the process of developing this pair of headphones, we adjusted its sound day and night and produced no less than 50 pairs of trial works, but we still hope to get a more complete sound under the gradually perfect sound performance. Finally, in the early hours of a certain morning, we found the exciting timbre response we had always expected. Therefore, we decided to use "Dark Sky" to commemorate this sleepless and full of blood.

This time, Dark Sky also uses a metal cavity cut from the original T6061 aluminum alloy with CNC technology, supplemented by manual grinding and polishing with anodizing treatment, giving the shell a unique texture and a mysterious dark blue design. It has a low-key appearance that is different from the previous one, highlighting the quietness and atmosphere of the late night. The whole pair of earphones is not only light and comfortable to wear, but its material rigidity can greatly reduce the resonance and distortion of the moving coil unit, and provide a good audio transmission path.


In terms of earplug sleeves, we continue to use the highly acclaimed Projecy Y soft silicone earplug sleeves. In the design, we pay more attention to reducing the diffraction effect of sound when transmitted by the earplug sleeves, and maintain the original sound characteristics of the earphones. The skin-friendly and softness of the material greatly improves the wearing comfort and is suitable for long-term listening experience.

According to the opinions we adopted from Major, in order to make the headset more durable, we specially found the factory to order a special silicone protective cover for Dark Sky. After you use it, put the silicone cover on the Dark Sky and put it back into the headset. The box will greatly reduce the chance of earphone scratches.

We have also redesigned a round earphone leather case with the same color for Dark Sky, which is easy to carry and can better protect the earphones.

●Tone Features●

Compared with the previous generation Major, Dark Sky not only has a comprehensive evolution in the mid to high pitch, but the overall performance improvement makes Dark Sky more worthy of the name of the circle of gods.

It has a typical FAudio tone style, natural and obvious sound field depth, and unobtrusive midrange denseness; however, Dark Sky is more than that. The newly designed unit and material combination make its sound field much better. Major is wider and deeper. Driven by the DLC diaphragm, it exhibits high-pitched penetration and analytical power that is no less than that of moving iron. At the same time, it has a natural sense of luster and extension of the tone. Its ability to portray sounds or instruments is better than that. Major is more real and complete, can show the color changes of different instruments, and the image is more vivid.

Under various multiplications, Dark Sky has a very clear image. What is rare is that it does not have the pressure of universal high-analysis headphones. This is thanks to the help of the TBAC acoustic room to clear the ear canal. The air pressure accumulated inside makes the sound transmission smoother.

Between extreme dynamics and extreme silence, from the sturdy impact to the spread of the sound tail, you can also hear the wide bass range of Dark Sky, and the bass is freely reproduced. Therefore, Dark Sky can accommodate more bass transitions and changes, and a sense of hierarchy. The performance is quite delicate. The advantages of the two materials are combined into a clear bass texture and a full backing. Under the music replay of the big scene, the transient and energy are very sufficient, and there is little muddy feeling. Compared with Major, the entire bass range has risen to another level.

The transition from mid-low to mid-high is smooth, and there is no timbre inconsistency due to the use of two diaphragms. Its midrange is extremely dense, grainy, cohesive and clear. Whether it is a human voice or a musical instrument, Dark Sky can restore a complete tone and overtone, and it can also achieve a distinct effect in different songs. Also because of the cooperation of the DLC diaphragm, the penetrating power of the middle and high pitches is greatly improved, and the smooth high pitch is more transparent and gorgeous.

The high to high notes of Dark Sky are natural and effortlessly bright. This kind of brightness is not dazzling, pressureless, and does not deliberately create too strong clarity, so that the instrument has more room to show the change of sustain, this part and the bass range ensemble bring a stronger Dynamic contrast.


Tradition and old times often have something worthy of our attention. It is just because of the passage of time. Some are fundamental and cannot be changed, or do not want to change. They are basic and cannot be improved; slowly, they can only be improved with the passage of time. forgotten.

Pure dynamic earphones are in the midst of this torrent. When new earphones begin to use electrostatic units, tablet units, bone conduction units, and other out-of-the-box unit designs, we gradually develop the concept of "new is better". , While ignoring the most fundamental requirements for headphones: natural fax, sound performance worthy of our enjoyment.

Also because of the combination of modern technology and tuning trends, we have more leeway to continue the dynamic coil technology. In the eyes of others, it may be just a trivial perseverance, but every time we re-study the dynamic unit, we tirelessly push the application of different technologies and materials to the peak, and finally launch the finished product, we also get the opportunity to learn and practice . This spirit is also the most powerful part of the new generation, which promotes the development of the entire market and society.

Dark Sky is the embodiment of our improvement and innovation to this tradition. I look forward to hearing about the advent of the new era.

●Detailed specifications●
Headphone type: in-ear
Unit design: 10.2mm double-layer diaphragm moving coil unit
Frequency response: 15Hz~38KHz
Impedance: 24Ω @1kHz
Sensitivity: 114dB@1KHz

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