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Reread. When you have finished writing do not forget to reread, this to find any misprints or grammatical errors but above all to put yourself in the shoes of those who will read. Apply all the corrections you deem appropriate but, before sending the file or making it “official”, do not hesitate to ask your colleagues or pay someone to do assignment for an opinion, it remains open to feedback! Eliminate unnecessary parts. If you’re using three words when you can only use two maybe you’re wrong. When you reread questioned about the words you used. Are they all necessary? Are words at the service of what you are saying or is it the opposite? Don’t try to impress your reader: with light writing, you won’t lose anyone’s attention. Practice daily. Don’t be upset if what you write doesn’t convince you at all or if you keep making the same mistakes. Writing, like any other activity, requires a lot of practice and practice. By trying to write consciously you will see significant progress!