The story of Jaben

It all started in 2006 and why is it related to our precious BEAR?! Not the grizzly one, I mean cute bear….. Jaben is founded by our headphone audiophile community well-respected Uncle Wilson.

Jaben Hong Kong store was opened at 2010, our company mission statement is look into one direction, to become the most complete headphone specialist for everyone. We spent years to develop a full complete product range which suitable for each country. We are not just a normal store who list out product in our store or complete product range, we developing “unique” & “exclusive” style in term product consulation to product type in the market. We changing the most simplistic idea of shopping experience for headphone and earphone.

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Our company cultural is taking every step cautiously and ahead of everyone, heading toward to combine all the advantages we got, and believe in the same idea to achieve a concept that induced feeling and emotion into headphone selection process. We have wide range of products, however we do have extras that are make we well connected with our fans and supporters. It will be our constant new product ranges, friendly service, company cultural, business concept and company believes. We believe we are changing the whole market towards this industry, it can be unnoticeable to some people, however with the past experience we gained on retail chain, we are clearly understanding how’s the flow and trend to the market structure. We is a human being; we work with other and strive to become the most unique and rewarding to our friends and fans.