Pentaconn Standard 4.4mm Brass is adopted for metallic parts


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Bringing ultimate performance in connection to revolutionize a plug and jack set for headphones.
JEITA Standard RC8141C
”Balanced connector for headphones“,
“Pentaconn” is created by NIPPON DICS, for development, design, and manufacturing. “Penta” represents 5, “conn” represents connector. The High-quality connector set with 5 poles and jacks is new standard of JEITA. Pentaconn performs fully resolution, soundscape, and depth in sound..
Features of Plug
  • Balances concern for even resistance value on all poles by optimized of cross-sectional area and length between soldering point of each wiring and each connect points of 5 poles.
  • The material of base layer plating under gold plating for each connect could be selected from Ni plating for or non- magnetic hard-alloy plating.
  • Brass is adopted as standard material for metallic parts, Also OFC (Oxygen Free Cooper) material is available for ultimate high quality sound.
  • Balanced connector for headphones ( JEIT standard RC-8141C )
Features of Jack
Contacts (5 terminals for signals)
  • Adopts special copper alloy in which it has ultra low conductive resistance and high spring characteristics for improvement of insertion-removal durability.
  • Stably reduces resistance value by particular contact design in 2 contacts per pole on all 5 poles.
  • Achieves high-quality sound by adopted of the material of base layer plating under gold plating non-magnetic hard alloy plating.
  • Balances in even resistance value on all poles by length equal to soldering points of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) on all terminals.
Switch terminals
  • Particular switching design in conited of isolated circuit apart from 5 signal terminals, hat does not affect ti audio signal and/ or sound quality.
  • Assigns tat switch turns off in the last motion, where all 5 poles of plug touch all 5 signal terminals of jack completely.
Supply Record Installation Examples of our 4.4mm Balanced Headphone Jack, "Pentaconn"