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mini XLR Female Connector

Premier Performance and Legendary Build Qualitly Take mini XLR Female Connectors: Furutech’s beautifully finished, beautiful sounding FT-610mF Connector is the result of meticulous engineering and careful audition of various suitable materials. The FT-610mF features an α (Alpha) phosphor bronze conductor with High Grade PPS insulation for minimal impedance and a stainless housing for superior damping.


•Main conductor: Rhodium-plated α (Alpha) Phosphor bronze conductor •Insulation with super heat resistant Polyphenylene Sulfide Resin for best soldering results •Housing: Stainless Black finished. •Cable Clamp: Superior Damping Copper Alloy. •Connections: Soldered


•Specified for core insulation diameters up to 5.0mm •Dimensions: Housing: 10.6ψx 18.5mm overall length Total overall length: 34.7 mm approx.

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