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AZLA has two extraordinary technologies.

Strong features of BED™(Bulls Eye Driver)

BED™ driver to AZLA is unique hybrid style which integrates dynamic driver and wide band B/A, Particularly tuned for perfect balancing with Infinity Sound Technology.

Especially, significantly minimized reflected wave and phase difference issues from normal hybrid type earphones and multi BA system, and maximize features by linear metal body design.

With two technologies, through the sound vent from integrated metal body, now you can enjoy AZLA’s cutting-edge premium sound by Infinity Sound Technology™ system through AZLA’s enclosure.

Advantages of metal and polycarbonate hybrid

Installed metal housing by superfine aluminum cutting process.

For better sound quality and realize hi-fi sound, apply unibody design from one solid material, there is no joint and protrusion, and surprisingly assembly is done by just two components. Due to metal is fully covered the driver, united by one module until end of nozzle.

For maximizing features of the sound, special poly carbonate housing is chosen.

Stable sound ventilation and finished to cover metal housing for better musical pleasure.

Special poly carbonate housing is not only for the sound features, but also present elegant outline.

Premium bundle cable

Especially provides Labkable’s SilverGalaxyMix MK2 cable.

This cable is treated by HQT30 process, unique treatment process by Labkable.

Dignis earphone case

For the special product, its case also be special.

Premium brand Dignis earphone carrying case is provided for store the earphones.